Deal: Landewyck Group on sale to ITM Group

TENZING partners advises Landewyck Group in the sale process of 100% shares of IMAtec to ITM Group.

Landewyck Group, a global reference in the tobacco industry has sold 100% of its shares in IMAtec –
Innovative Machine Technology to ITM Group – a leading global provider of machinery for the tobacco

Established since 1996 in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg IMAtec provides tailor-made solutions in the
packaging industry. IMAtec is recognized for its expertise in the tobacco and secondary packaging sectors
with a high expertise in worldwide sourcing and subcontracting, automation, machine manufacturing,
conveying & transfer systems, machinery safety and efficiency optimization. With a highly skilled,
international and multidisciplinary team IMAtec is positioned as an innovative player in its segment.

The sole shareholder Landewyck Group decided to focus on its core business of production and sale of
tobacco goods and it found in ITM Group the ideal partner to further develop the activities of IMAtec. ITM
Group has its headquarters in the Netherlands and is a leading global provider of machinery for the
tobacco industry. Products manufactured by the ITM Group cover the entire processing cycle of cigars,
cigarettes and other tobacco products this includes all stages of production in primary and secondary
(including logistics and packing) plus all required after-sales services.

ITM Group will take advantage of the core competences of IMAtec on a global basis and contribute to the
success of this transaction.

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